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COVID, SolarWinds, tech and trade wars, ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure, the Suez Canal blockage and chip shortages. These are just a handful of the disruptions the world has faced over the last 16 months. As a result procurement and supply chain leaders have stepped up to the plate to be their business’ first line of defence against the biggest threats facing the corporate world. To make their organizations operationally resilient, these stalwarts are driven to map, monitor and model their current and future supply chain down to the Nth tier.

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As brands recognize the potential of leveraging their brand IP through licensing, the IP function is becoming all the more essential for companies. By exploiting their IP, brand owners can extend their reach into new product categories, geographies and distribution channels and hence expand their portfolios globally and maximize their revenue at minimal risk. On the other hand, despite the very profitable revenue stream that licensing brings in, owners are often concerned about the integrity of their brand being undermined.

Join this dynamic panel of experts as we dive into the key question for brand owners: how can…

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The significant push to accelerate digital transformation has meant organisations have had to redouble their efforts to build resilience around their existing infrastructure. As a result, the adoption of Infrastructure as Code (IaC) has accelerated making it an essential part of the toolchains and workflows of most organisations. However, this comes with greater security, compliance, and configuration risks.

Join us as some of the region’s leading IT experts from companies including Schlumberger, Axiata Group and Aditya Capital address the opportunities and challenges security as code poses and understand how these leading organisations are leveraging it as…

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As an HR or organizational leader tackling life and work in the post-pandemic era, you are now facing the challenge of combating the rise of chronic conditions, increasing health inequity, plummeting mental wellbeing and decreasing employee engagement. With mental wellbeing and employee engagement being directly linked to the overall success of a company, it is essential for these to be a primary focus of HR departments. …

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Central Counterparties have helped to bring greater stability to the financial markets after 2008; however, being a CCP clearing members involves contributing to this systemic risk mitigation, in particular by monitoring their own exposure against non cleared members.

In these institutions, those who are responsible for managing counterparty risk face several key challenges. These include anticipating margin peaks, performing contradictory computation and consolidating data from several CCPs. In addition, non-cleared members which go through cleared members to access CCPs face their own risks as part of this process. …

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Organisations have streamlined their ways of working by leveraging automation and technology to complement their existing resources with some excellent results. Evident cost pressure, talent gap and ever-increasing customer expectations are reshaping the future of work. New technologies such as RPA, AI are the enablers in the new delivery models.

Combining Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can produce huge ROI — if you do it right. Find out how. …

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Why This Webinar:

Supply Chain is about empowering people, both as organisations and individuals. And if 2020 has shown us anything, it’s that people are a key part of helping them live up to their potential. Now, with the promise of Industry 5.0, we’ll see how far we can take supply chain productivity and efficiency with more, and better, technology collaborating with us.

This marcus evans interactive 60-minute discussion will focus on Supply Chain Digital Transformation priorities and innovation, we will analyse how Digital Supply Chain has changed and developed in the post-COVID environment, and how Industry 5.0 …

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The Digital Revolution is transforming the BFSI sector and is the next big game changer. BFSI needs to understand the influence of a more digital world on their operating model whilst embarking on a journey to becoming more technology-led. Being a leader in the area of digitalisation by leveraging the power of data enables you to understand customers better, make more informed decisions, further strengthen control functions, and focus on clients’ needs.

What’s Next? Seize this opportunity, join our webinar to discuss how you can embrace digitalisation and take it to the next level to deliver…

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The building’s façade is the most important element and also amongst the most difficult elements of a building to design as it becomes the epitome of an iconic building. With technology accelerating at a rapid pace, advanced facade design changes dynamically. Understanding trend data around façade design and geometry helps us see the direction the future is moving in and as façades become more sophisticated with technological advancements, there is so much more scope for innovation.

Join our webinar to discuss and debate the design and performance of next-generation facades and to gain key takeaways and…

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Like many industries and businesses, the legal marketplace is still recovering from the worldwide pandemic. Fortunately, most corporate legal departments and law practitioners were able to effectively transition to “working from home.” Yet as the economy reopens and people return to their offices, it is impossible to ignore the long-term influence of the pandemic on the legal workplace. The pandemic had a dramatic impact on the management and delivery of legal services and these changes will further evolve in the future.

This interactive session will address the transformational impact of COVID-19 on corporate legal departments, litigation…

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