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Businesses are becoming increasingly ‘software-defined’ and their ability to innovate and turn solutions around faster is becoming critical too. Agile and DevOps can make a difference however, these are still largely led by technology, with limited involvement from business.

It’s time enterprises focused on customer-centricity, intertwined…

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Large organizations prioritize workforce financial health and well-being; however, America’s hourly workers report they can’t count on their benefits packages for relief. In fact, half (50%) of those with benefits at large U.S. companies say their current benefits package doesn’t fit their financial needs, according to a survey…

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EHR data is disparate, complicated, and nearly impossible for researchers to access outside of a hospital’s four walls. Yet it has the potential to improve both research and market access. But how can we utilize it if we can’t get to it? Speakers in this session will present a data sharing framework that brings together real-world data sources to paint a complete picture of the patient.


• Matthew Stannard, Life Sciences Advisor
• Kathleen Aller, Director of Market Strategy, Healthcare, InterSystems
• Alex MacLeod, Director of HealthShare Commercial Initiatives, InterSystems
• Qi Li, Physician Executive , InterSystems

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