Driving Efficiency and Driving Down Costs of Hospital Operations

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In response to an unprecedented humanitarian crisis, hospitals are transforming. Healthcare leadership is consumed with increasing agility and resiliencies to best prime hospital operations whilst societal and economic impacts and priorities remain in flux post COVID-19. As we map recovery, optimizing the effectiveness of the operating room to maximise patient and business health is paramount.

This session will pinpoint strategies in place to limit the impact of the projected curves brought about by policy, prevalence of COVID-19 and the willingness of the population to re-engage with the hospital setting. The Panel will share best practices for addressing throughput challenges, reimagining operating room operations and ultimately, achieving the best care outcome from the lowest cost.

Learning Objectives:

  • Establishing prioritization in surgical services: reviewing escalating costs, quality and infection control
  • Instilling confidence: protection of staff and patients
  • Preparing to meet challenges: collaborations to share-risk and co-develop
  • Ensuring readiness to add capacity in the OR: enhanced safety assured, reduced downtime and increased OR turn-over time

Speaker Panel:

Garrick J. Stoldt, Chief Financial Officer, Saint Peter’s Healthcare System

Douglas Myers, CFO, Providence

Alyssa Rapp CEO, Surgical Solutions