Effective Methods to Maintain and Extend the Power Grid Life Cycle

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Aging infrastructure is an ongoing challenge within the Transmission & Distribution world. The majority of companies out there have the task of maintaining post World War infrastructure which may need replacing however they must consider the balance between rate pressures and reliability. Before considering a full replacement project, there are also proven materials and methods being used that are significantly less in cost and will substantially extend the life of aging assets. Join us in this panel of experts to discuss how companies are looking to replace and refurbish their aging infrastructure without adding pressure to the current rates. This session will review:

Learning Objectives:

  • How your company prioritizes asset replacement/life extension projects
  • Risks involved when aging infrastructure is ignored
  • What criteria does your company use to address aging infrastructure
  • How we ensure that the existing grid will be viable for the coming decades considering the uncertainty around changes in generation portfolio, environmental regulations, distributed generation, etc.
  • Environmental impact

Speaker Panel:

Natasha Deschene, VP, Electric Asset Management & Engineering NY, National Grid

Ronald Jubber, Sr. Manager Distribution Operations, Evergy Inc.

Curtis Hickcox, Vice President of Business Development, Public Utilities Maintenance, Inc

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