ESG Application on Securitization Products: challenges and opportunities

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ESG is expected to have a big impact on the European securitization market. With investors requiring a comprehensive approach for integrating ESG factors in securitization transactions and regulators still developing a standardized framework, market practitioners are constantly seeking answers for their day-to-day activities.

Complex transaction structures, regulatory compliance, data gaps, unavailability of reliable technologies for sourcing data, and uncertainties about the required degree of ESG integration are just some of the issues that market players must tackle.

Join us for this webinar to learn from key experts about the main challenges that the securitization market faces with regards to ESG by :

  • Taking a closer look at the structured finance investors’ needs


MICHELLE MANUEL Structured Credit, Portfolio Manager at Investec

VLAD OLTEANU Portfolio Manager ABS & Mortgages at NNIP

TINA DE BAERE Head of ESG at Cairn Capital

MARCO MASOTTO Head of the Securitization platform, Equalizer at Cardo AI

ALTIN KADAREJA CEO and co-founder of Cardo AI



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