Experience Meets Technology: Navigating Complex Protocols and Supply Strategies in Clinical Trials

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2 min readNov 2, 2023

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In the dynamic landscape of clinical trials, modern RTSM solutions have revolutionized the way trials are conducted. However, the bedrock principles of success remain unaltered, with experience serving as the linchpin. From protocol design to understanding the expectations of the study team and supply industry best practices, experience is the unwavering guide. But what are the fundamental considerations and capabilities required to guarantee the seamless provisioning of all study drugs, while ensuring that the patient experience is optimized within the protocol?

Join our 60-minute interactive session to hear our esteemed panel of experts providing invaluable insights into the delicate nuances surrounding the design and implementation of regulated systems. This discussion will focus more on the complexities associated with accommodating intricate protocols, stressing the importance of the correct supply continuity, and delivering an exceptional site and patient experience.

Learning Objectives:

  • RTSM Resupply Considerations: Understand the critical role of RTSM in ensuring supply continuity and its impact on clinical trial success, particularly in the context of complex protocols and dynamic resupply demands.
  • Protocol Designs and Supply Requirements: Explore how complex protocols influence the requirements for investigational drugs, co-medications, and comparators, shaping the path to success.
  • The Transformation of Clinical Trials: Examine how eClinical solutions and cutting-edge technologies are reshaping traditional approaches in the clinical trial industry and how they intersect with complex protocol enablement.
  • Experience as the Primary Predictor: Learn why experience with complex protocol designs, study team and site expectations, and best standard practices is paramount to achieving success in clinical trials.


  • Benjamin Etschmann, Senior Forecasting Services Lead, 4G Clinical
  • Siobhan McKenna-Power, CSL, 4G Clinical
  • Kathleen Greenough, SVP, Marketing & Commercial Operations, 4G Clinical



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