Leveraging Real-Time Data and Analytics to Ensure Agile Decision Making in the Travel Industry

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2 min readJun 24, 2022

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It’s no secret that large-scale disruptions in the global aviation business have left airlines suffering in recent years. The pandemic accelerated investment in technologies to better consolidate and analyse data across the industry and now is the time to deliver on this investment.

Join us for this complimentary 60minute webinar as we delve inside how some of the industries leading players are leveraging data analytics to build business resilience during times of uncertainty and drive service and product innovation. We will discuss how AI, ML and Data Science can help airlines to be more agile and build competitive advantage.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover the challenges of scaling data and getting through the noise to gain actionable insights
  • Refine your data strategies and push this out across the business on both the operational and commercial sides
  • Uncover how data science, AI and ML help when it comes to disruption management and irregular operations especially when real time and predictive intelligence technologies are getting smarter.

Speakers :

Susie Boersma Peterson
Senior Director of Operations
Southwest Airlines

Rupen Singh Philloura
Director of Terminal Operations, Customer Service & AOCC
Miami International Airport (MIA)

Rob Bence
Director, Airport Experience & Intelligent Airport
United Airlines



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