Utility Wood Pole Preservation beyond Pentachlorophenol (PCP)

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The wood pole preservative pentachlorophenol is being eliminated in the US and Canada by EPA and PMRA respectively. This could impact the utility pole supply, especially large Douglas Fir transmission poles. This webinar will discuss the problems, timeline, available preservative solutions and their historical performance in poles. We will also cover “end of life” options for all wood pole preservatives and examine the EH&S profile of all the pole options.

Learning Objectives:

  • Introduce product alternatives in wood preservation
  • Highlight the unique operational characteristics of feasible alternatives

Speaker Panel

Patrick Durham, Director of Environmental Management and Real Estate Services, Sacramento Municipal Utility District

Jeff Lloyd, Senior VP of Innovation and Sustainability, Nisus Corporation

Ken Laughlin, Division VP of Wood Preservation, Nisus Corporation

David Koch, General Manager, Wheeler Lumber