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In a new age of manufacturing opportunity, the strongest competitors are those implementing digital transformation at mass scale and reaping rewards. …

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Operational resilience has been brought to the forefront of many institutions’ priorities because of the Covid-19 pandemic and its effects on the workplace. Financial firms have faced many challenges in this regard; however, much of the discussion has been about how topical and important these issues are rather…

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The impending implementation of the SA-CCR has significant implications for the way that banks will run their swaps trading businesses. A holistic approach to assessing counterparty credit risk will replace the existing focus on gross notional, resulting in a totally different approach for calculating how much capital needs…

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Nobody can argue that the Covid-19 pandemic has not only changed, but reshaped the very nature of business, especially of IT, and there is no turning back. While most companies are turning to cloud in an effort to maximize insights from their data, IT leaders around…

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Aging infrastructure is an ongoing challenge within the Transmission & Distribution world. The majority of companies out there have the task of maintaining post World War infrastructure which may need replacing however they must consider the balance between rate pressures and reliability. Before considering a full…

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The current inflationary environment, combined with low bond yields and the potential for increasing equity volatility, mean that the role of commodities in institutional asset allocations is once again a hot topic. The unique ability of commodities to combine inflation protection, diversification benefits and potentially strong returns is more important now than ever, even as institutions have reduced allocations to the asset class in recent years. This type of investor faces key considerations in structuring and implementing an allocation which can dramatically impact whether they achieve their objectives.

Learning Objectives:

  • The role that commodities play in an institutional asset allocation
  • Considerations when implementing a commodity allocation
  • The outlook for the commodity cycle in this inflationary environment

Speaker Panel:

Tammam MOUAKHAR, Head of Real Return Programme, GIC

Don Casturo, Founding Partner, Chief Investment Officer, Quantix Commodities

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Electric utilities worldwide are keeping up the pace with a number of challenges in the distribution operations, some of these include increasing numbers of DERs on the grid, managing the cost of operations, reliability and resiliency of the grid alongside meeting targets on carbon reduction goals…

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Dans un contexte de changements permanents pour les organisations, avec une nécessité d’innover, de contrôler ses coûts, de réduire les temps de production et le time to market ou d’intégrer de nouveaux modèles d’agilité, il est essentiel pour les différentes directions de poser les bons jalons pour…

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La gouvernance des données est essentielle au pilotage stratégique des entreprises, offrant de nouvelles opportunités en matière de prévision, d’analyse, de maîtrise des risques et garantissant une fiabilité de l’information dans la prise de décision au niveau de l’organisation.

Plus spécifiquement, la gestion des données tiers — données…

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COVID, SolarWinds, tech and trade wars, ransomware attacks on critical infrastructure, the Suez Canal blockage and chip shortages. These are just a handful of the disruptions the world has faced over the last 16 months. As a result procurement and supply chain leaders have stepped up to the…

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